Hoffman Challenge Entries:
For 30 years, Hoffman Fabrics selected one of their fabrics and conducted a yearly challenge.
I have participated in the
Hoffman Challenge since 1997. Each year from 1997 thru 2018 I used this challenge as an
opportunity to try something new to me at that time:  A new technique, design, textile, thread, embellishment, etc.
My entries from 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005-2008, and 2011-2018 were selected to travel the country with the Hoffman
Challenge trunk show. Over the years, you may have seen the travelling trunk show at your local quilt guild,  local
quilt show or larger national quilt shows.
I encourage you to try your hand at something new.  Challenge yourself!

2010: Interwoven
New technique: Dimensional
2009: Somersault
New Design: Somersault
2007: Mini Garden Terrace
New Design: Garden Terrace
New Technique: Partial seam
2004: All a Flutter
New Technique: Curved Piecing
2008: Peace and Harmony
New Technique: Fussy Cutting
2005: Crossing the Boundaries
New Design: Crossroads
New Technique: Thread Painting
2006: Summer Breeze
New Design
New Technique: No Sew, Fold
Over Curves
2003: Cherry Twirl
New Technique: Embossed Velvet
2002: Butterfly
New Technique: Reverse Applique
2001: Fly Away
New Technique: Random Piecing
2000: The Garden
New Technique: Needle Turn Applique
1999: It's A Blast
New Technique: Paper Piecing
1998: Frenzy
New Technique: Prairie Points
1997: Golden Chain
New Technique: Kaleidoscope
Metallic thread
2011: Bird's Eye View
New Design: Barnstormer
2012: Around It Goes
New Design: Variation on Table Talk
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2013: Carefree
New Design
Fusible applique
2014: Twists and Turns
New Design

Here's a closeup
and the back
2016: Flying By
New Design: Wavy Daisy
Techniques: Curved seam piecing,
Echo Quilting, applique
2015: Zigs and Zags
New Design: Ziggy
Techniques: strip piecing, 30 degree
angle cuts

Sep 2016 Exhibit at Shire City Sanctuary, Pittsfield, MA

Shire City Sanctuary quilting exhibit article
2018: Gem Swirl
New Design

Now Travelling 2018-2019
2017: Stars Align
New Design: Stars Align
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